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Product Name: Cartoon Number Puzzle Board

Description: Explore the realm of numbers, creativity, and imagination with our Cartoon Number Puzzle Board, a versatile educational toy designed to engage and inspire young learners. Housed within a high-quality wooden box, this multifunctional toy offers endless opportunities for interactive play and learning.


Dual-Sided Design: Unlock creativity and expression with two sides of interactive surfaces. One side features a magnetic whiteboard, perfect for writing, drawing, and attaching magnetic puzzle pieces. The other side boasts a traditional blackboard, inviting chalk-based exploration and artistic expression.

Premium Wooden Construction: Crafted from high-quality wood, the sturdy box provides durability and longevity, ensuring years of enjoyment and educational value. The smooth finish and rounded edges enhance safety and comfort during play.

Magnetic Whiteboard: Stimulate creativity and problem-solving skills with the magnetic whiteboard surface. Use the included black marker to write, draw, and solve puzzles, then wipe clean with the included wiper for endless reuse.

Chalkboard Surface: Foster artistic expression and fine motor skills with the traditional blackboard surface. The three color chalks included in the set offer a vibrant palette for drawing, doodling, and practicing writing skills.

Educational Puzzle Pieces: Enhance numeracy skills and cognitive development with the magnetic puzzle pieces included in the set. Featuring numbers, mathematical symbols, and colorful cartoon characters, these pieces provide hands-on learning and interactive fun.


  • Dimensions: 11.5 inches (length) by 8.75 inches (width), 1.25 inches (height) compact and portable for on-the-go learning and play.
  • Materials: High-quality wooden box with magnetic whiteboard and traditional blackboard surfaces.
  • Included Accessories: Black marker, wiper, three color chalks, magnetic puzzle pieces.

Ignite curiosity, creativity, and learning with our Cartoon Number Puzzle Board—an educational masterpiece that combines fun and functionality in one captivating toy. Let the adventure of discovery begin!