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Product Name: Abacus Calculation Shelf

Description: Introduce young learners to the fascinating world of mathematics with our Abacus Calculation Shelf. Crafted from colorful wooden beads arranged in 10 rows, each row features a wooden base with numbers 1-10 written, accompanied by an equivalent number of beads. This basic yet effective abacus is designed primarily for children, offering a hands-on approach to learning colors, counting, addition, and subtraction.


Colorful Wooden Beads: Engage children's senses with vibrant wooden beads in various colors, enhancing visual stimulation and making learning more enjoyable.

Numerical Representation: Each row of the abacus is labeled with numbers 1-10, providing a clear numerical representation that aids in counting and basic arithmetic operations.

Hands-On Learning: Encourage tactile exploration and active learning as children move the beads along the rows, reinforcing counting skills and numerical concepts through physical manipulation.

Versatile Educational Tool: Promote a range of mathematical skills, including counting, addition, and subtraction, using the abacus calculation shelf. It serves as an effective visual aid for demonstrating mathematical operations and problem-solving strategies.

Child-Friendly Design: The abacus calculation shelf is specifically designed for young children, with durable construction and rounded edges for safe and comfortable handling.


  • Material: Colorful wooden beads, wooden base
  • Rows: 10 rows with numbers 1-10 written on wooden base
  • Dimensions: Length 11.5 inches, Width 2.5 inches, and Height 5 inches. Suitable size for children's hands to manipulate and explore
  • Educational Focus: Counting, colors, addition, subtraction, basic arithmetic

Inspire mathematical exploration and learning with our Abacus Calculation Shelf—an interactive and engaging educational tool for young mathematicians in the making!