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Product Name: Flash Card Sets (Bangla Math English and Arabic)

Description: Introduce children to the diverse world of languages and numbers with our Multilingual Flash Card Combo. This comprehensive set includes four sets of flash cards: Bangla Alphabet, English Alphabets, Arabic Alphabets, and Numbers. Each set features dual-sided cards, with one side displaying the letter or number, and the other side showcasing a word and accompanying picture, providing engaging and interactive learning experiences.


Multilingual Learning: Immerse children in the richness of different languages with flash cards in Bangla, English, and Arabic alphabets. From basic letter recognition to vocabulary building, each set offers valuable language learning opportunities.

Alphabet Sets: Explore the alphabet in Bangla, English, and Arabic with a total of 98 cards. Each card features a letter on one side and a corresponding word and picture on the other side, reinforcing letter-sound associations and vocabulary development.

Number Set: Dive into numerical concepts with flash cards featuring numbers from ১ to ২০ in Bangla and 1 to 20 in English. Additionally, the set includes cards for times tables, counting, and numerical representations in words, providing a comprehensive approach to numerical literacy.

Dual-Sided Design: Enhance learning retention and engagement with dual-sided cards. Children can practice letter and number recognition on one side, then flip the card to reinforce vocabulary and numerical concepts with words and pictures.


  • Content: Bangla Alphabet (44 cards), English Alphabets (26 cards), Arabic Alphabets (28 cards), Numbers (total of 48 cards)
  • Dimensions: 3.25 inches by 5 inches card size for easy handling and storage
  • Material: Durable cardstock construction for long-lasting use
  • Educational Focus: Language learning, letter recognition, vocabulary building, numerical literacy, counting, times tables

Unlock the world of languages and numbers with our Multilingual Flash Card Combo. Let children explore, learn, and grow as they engage with diverse linguistic and numerical concepts in a fun and interactive way!