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Product Name: Bangla Vowel & Number Puzzle Board with white board 

Description: Introduce children to the beauty of the Bangla language and numerical concepts with our Bangla Vowel Puzzle Board. This educational tool features high-quality printed Bangla vowel characters on one side and Bangla numbers 0-9 on the other side, providing a comprehensive learning experience for young learners. With a whiteboard surface included along with a marker and small wiper, children can engage in interactive learning activities and practice writing letters and numbers.


Bangla Vowel Puzzle Board: Explore the richness of the Bangla language with a puzzle board featuring high-quality printed Bangla vowel characters. Each character is beautifully printed to facilitate letter recognition and language learning.

Bangla Numbers 0-9: Enhance numerical literacy with Bangla numbers 0-9 printed on the reverse side of the puzzle board. Children can practice counting, number recognition, and basic arithmetic operations while learning the Bangla numerical system.

Dual-Sided Design: Maximize learning opportunities with a dual-sided puzzle board. The Bangla vowel characters and numbers are conveniently divided on separate sides, allowing children to focus on language and numerical concepts independently.

Whiteboard Surface: Foster creativity and expression with the included whiteboard surface. Children can practice writing Bangla letters and numbers, draw illustrations, or solve puzzles, providing endless opportunities for hands-on learning and artistic expression.

Marker and Wiper: The puzzle board comes with a marker and small wiper, allowing children to write and erase their creations on the whiteboard surface with ease. This encourages experimentation and allows for repeated practice without the need for additional materials.


  • Content: Bangla vowel characters, Bangla numbers 0-9
  • Surface: Dual-sided puzzle board with a whiteboard surface
  • Accessories: Includes a marker and small wiper for writing and erasing
  • Dimensions: Suitable size for children to handle comfortably
  • Material: Durable construction for long-lasting use

Encourage language and numerical literacy in children with our Bangla Vowel Puzzle Board with Bangla Numbers 0-9—an engaging and interactive learning tool for young learners!